Edit a dpkg based bootstrap skeleton directory to add / remove packages, clean the status file and more.

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Updating a bootstrap for jailbreaks can be a very tedious process, especially when you want to update package versions without starting from the beginning. This handy tool allows you take take an extracted bootstrap folder and view its contents, fix faulty source files (remove repeat items etc) delete packages from the bootstrap and more.

Since a bootstrap has VERY precision owners and permissions most of the time bootstrapTool will need to be run as root to maintain those permissions, inconvenient side effect but with the amount of effort it saves you from doing things manually, its a small trade off.

Another handy feature that requires no bootstrap folder at all is the repackage feature, by default it always repackages to use appletvos-arm64 arch, but that may change in the future. This is helpful if you want to take a package from an iOS repo that you know is applicable to tvOS. Use this with caution! If you install a package that isn't compatible it could have unforseen consequences.

Bump is a newer feature similar to repackage but it will also bump you up to the next available version number.

Makes various modifications to a raw bootstrap folder

-h, --help prints usage information
-i, --input the deb package to process
-d, --delete the package to delete
-l, --list list all the packages installed on this bootstrap
-c, --clean clean a bad status file from duplicate entries
-r, --repackage repackage to fix bad locations and to change architecture
-b, --bump repackage and bump by one - number (ie 1.0-1 -> 1.0-2)