Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Bradley 5a864e91af universalize 3 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 63ad615766 clean up uicache calls in postinst when repackaging 3 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 8956cc8675 one more minor change 3 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 40594b24e7 make it also attempt to repackage darwin-arm64 to appletvos-arm64 3 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 6c41e7e289 updated readme 3 years ago
  Kevin Bradley c52aabc54d added bump feature that literally just bumps a package version and also validates any dylibs inside to make sure they have a valid code signature 4 years ago
  lechium 5462c33113 Update '' 4 years ago
  lechium 535ad88453 Update '' 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 805d13907c latest 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 6408fe5c63 more cleanup of the logs, made things a bit smarter, give additional details and warnings if there are postinst scripts when installing, change the postInst check to a postrm check for when deleting packages 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley de7b364bf2 processes /var/mobile/Applications apps and moves them to the proper location now 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 3adb8afd5e repackages bad debs now 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 81352597a6 just kidding, these names are better 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 64bcc26ae0 some renames that make the classes functions appear more clear 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 4c089d6703 refactored into multiple files for better organization 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley e196610a1b just about feature complete, can clean a bad status file, delete packages in their entirety from a bootstrap now as well, also added usage information etc 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 9f7cc89b92 Updates status files properly now, cleaned up logs. only really need to add code to remove packages as well and maybe to clean up duplicate packages from the status file 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 876c6d5648 updating to make it smarter and fancier, parses the status file to check for duplicate packages, needs to update the status file accordingly 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 2936a0d609 handy tool for safely extracting debs onto a bootstrap root 4 years ago
  lechium 2f5eb48272 Initial commit 4 years ago