Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Bradley 7b22bda7cd fix electra in 11.1, about to do a major overhaul to try and use newer jailbreakd with 10.2.2. defensively committing while things still work 3 years ago
  Kevin Bradley d9bad89565 should be 1.2.2 RC 3 years ago
  Kevin Bradley bfb087f913 take this back out so rebooting works again, probably fixes some other issues too 3 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 6094b99ccf adding download class, currently unused 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley dd2426f367 missed mig timeout, adding the foundation to enable checking for payload and backr00m updates 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 24f80afc3d got async and MIG timeout fixes applied 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 842fa1656d added on minor threading change from latest, unfortunately doesnt make a difference, doing this commit before any drastic merges occur from newer code 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 231b9546e5 make sure everything is up to date 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 23f452370d 1.2.1, fixed bootstrap, crash issue in 11.x 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley a1b13283c2 1.2 release 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley b4b86c4283 added nonce setting support, partially updated teh bootstrap to include latest versions, still need to modify it to respect proper paths (mobilesubstrate dir linked to /usr/lib/TweakInject 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 6f6dc48bfa updated bootstrap to fix shell issue and have safetynet inside again, removed safetynet deb from resources and code referencing it 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley bdd45614ad missed a file 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 5f9086d443 1.1 changes 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 37b071ec30 added top shelf image 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley d49b0bb040 reverted the meridian bootstrap to the one that still works 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 6eabe0c659 limit kppless mode to only work w/ meridian 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 2f45759e3f updated to make KPPless an option through a double tap toggle menu 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 6328f27c61 some missing changes 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley c3402b1b71 added experimental kppless support, provided me a more stable foundation for futurerestore 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 562281b100 oops put that back in, dont want to the bootstrap to extract every time 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 70e4b1e11e realized i utterly botched the permissions and owners of the bootstrap, thankfully didnt brick anything because of it. cleaned up the 11.1 implementation. completely works end-to-end now 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 4ee1bdee77 made all the necessary fixes and changes to get this working in 11.1 and updated the bootstrap again 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley dc481a42c3 make sure latest is in sync 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 331929529c removed nito splash screen that i put in there accidently 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley b11fe0da13 latest changes 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 971fb2d6ea run in the proper location. unlink a bunch of cycript stuff and link inject_critical_d into /usr/bin/cycript also make symbolic link that will allow scp to work. Added nitoTV.deb installation. it makes it easier to update nitoTV build and works around some weird launch issues that were occurring. added missing xcasset folder. Updated tweakinject to fix a major bug where it was only allowing one lib to inject per process 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 5f2f3a64eb close to finalized bootstrap, made some changes to uicache and the bootstrapping process to enable auto launch of nitoTV 4 years ago
  lechium a1967435cd Add 'Meridian/' 4 years ago
  Kevin Bradley d68521a64d theoretically electra should print out some logs to our shiny console text view that we got for free by merging it in to the original meridian project, still needs testing 4 years ago