Kevin Bradley 916577a153 more fs/jb fixes 4 months ago
Dpkg ce97c58657 Dpkg::Vendor::Debian: Switch PIE handling to have no default (!) 6 years ago
Test 2f05b55f03 test: Refactor unit test data path into test_get_data_path() 6 years ago
mk 9122b2f6bd dpkg-architecture: Add new DEB_*_ARCH_ABI and DEB_*_ARCH_LIBC variables 7 years ago
po f797959b49 po: Regenerate .pot files and merge .po files with them 6 years ago
t a390de3632 test: Use the detected perl interpreter instead of a random one from PATH 6 years ago
.gitignore ee8975322f scripts: Add support for .buildinfo files 6 years ago 4fbf5294c5 build: Honor DPKG_DATADIR again in the installed Dpkg modules 6 years ago d5a9cf8b9d Revert "dpkg-source: Generate Testsuite-Restrictions fields from test restrictions" 6 years ago 21699eb533 Dpkg::Arch: Add new import tags 6 years ago e0c33c729c libdpkg, scripts: Add very basic color support 7 years ago d3c4079b12 dpkg-buildpackage: Document --ignore-builtin-builddeps in --help output 6 years ago a1d208fa56 dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Exit with 1 on unsatisfied dependencies 7 years ago 39cb4f28e9 dpkg-distaddfile: Rename variable from $file to $filename 6 years ago 64f4738462 dpkg-genbuildinfo: Declare .buildinfo format as stable with version 1.0 6 years ago c9b4ec6a1d dpkg-genchanges: Fix check for expected number of binary artifacts 6 years ago cd9f688ca4 dpkg-gencontrol: Stop emitting Built-For-Profiles 6 years ago 8c6b68c0b0 Dpkg::ErrorHandling: Add a new debug() function 6 years ago 916577a153 more fs/jb fixes 4 months ago 583e7b0ab9 perl: Remove default «.» from @INC before loading modules 7 years ago f85e380f63 debian: Update my copyright years 8 years ago d1629d0ec1 scripts: Replace changelog program parsers with perl modules 7 years ago c3eb166147 dpkg-scanpackages: Support scanning a single binary file 7 years ago 8c6b68c0b0 Dpkg::ErrorHandling: Add a new debug() function 6 years ago 8ae966ae7d dpkg-shlibdeps: Improve ELF ABI mismatch detector 6 years ago 75ef93c8bb dpkg-source: Document --before-build and --after-build in --help output 6 years ago d465dca48f Consistently use proper quotation marks all over the place 8 years ago