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This project comproises of two different installation methods for our jailbreak bootstrap + nitoTV 4 for tvOS.

nitoTV4Installer is a native Mac OS X application that will download and install a bootstrap to your AppleTV depending on which one you choose from the Airplay dropdown menu.

MAC OS 10.11 SDK is required to build this target

tool is a command line utility that runs natively on the AppleTV itself, it will determine which bootstrap is appropriate and install it as necessary.


Mac OS X Installer

  1. Make sure your AppleTV on 9.0, 9.1, or 10.1 is jailbroken and awake and that Airplay is ON
  2. Open the nitoTV4Installer application
  3. Choose your AppleTV from the dropdown menu
  4. Click install payload
  5. Wait & Enjoy

Native CLI Tool

  1. SCP nitoTVInstaller over to your AppleTV with Terminal app on mac or putty on windows (after building it will be in the standalone folder)

    scp nitoTVInstaller root@apple-tv.local

  2. SSH in to your AppleTV with or putty

    ssh root@apple-tv.local

  3. Run this command directly on the AppleTV


  4. Wait & Enjoy