Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Bradley 7258aab722 Merge branch 'master' of 5 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 878dd1df2f changed to newer version of download that doesnt mess up the checksums, updated checksums. sign with ldid to make sure itll work on 9 and 10. 5 years ago
  lechium f4e9f19231 Update '' 5 years ago
  Kevin Bradley a116afaebb fixed build issue, made target to build the on device installer automatically, also added Makefile to build it using make rather than a custom shell script 5 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 578ed2f259 RC_1, added the files for the on device payload installer, lsdtrip and related source to manually copy over outside of the bootstrap to launch nitoTV after installation, needs updated sha1sums after bootstraps are updated then is pretty much release ready. 5 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 31dc32ee62 updated icon assets 5 years ago
  Kevin Bradley 7c3a46efa8 made it look nicer, made it possible for you to replace the 'downloaded' payloads with different files and it will still proceed after a stern warning if you decide to. 5 years ago
  Kevin Bradley a9deddb1bf updated to use https 5 years ago
  Kevin Bradley dfdaa66d07 installer for nitoTV for for tvOS initial commit 5 years ago
  lechium 992ecc5622 Initial commit 5 years ago