Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Bradley dff033f7a5 fixed some build issues 4 months ago
  Guillem Jover f85e380f63 debian: Update my copyright years 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover e1e109ad87 build: Map % back to : 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover 57554c38e9 build: Use tr instead of sed to map _ to ~ 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover ae25c683c0 Use https:// URLs instead of http:// when possible 9 years ago
  Raphaël Hertzog aa3add4dbc Add support of tildes in dpkg's version 12 years ago
  Guillem Jover c6ea15b985 Cleanup white spaces 13 years ago
  Guillem Jover d99d361f1b Replace FSF address by pointing to the URL 14 years ago
  Guillem Jover 971e675a18 Generate the autoconf version from git 14 years ago