Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Guillem Jover a390de3632 test: Use the detected perl interpreter instead of a random one from PATH 7 years ago
  Guillem Jover 4ccdc11f30 build: Specify exec argument for TAP::Harness 7 years ago
  Guillem Jover c23a8958fd build: Add support for running the test suite in parallel 7 years ago
  Guillem Jover e0c33c729c libdpkg, scripts: Add very basic color support 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover 536d46d7f6 test: Add a unit test to compile perl code with warnings 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover 91d50f4062 build: Add the dselect/methods directory to the TAP::Harness library paths 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover 17aeccf7d5 build: Use absolute buildir pathnames in PATH variable 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover f02217095b build: Set PERL5LIB globally for the test suite to the local modules directory 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover 1efac5a7b3 build: Pass CC to the test suite 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover 9c68ece429 build: Split test_programs and test_scripts out of test_cases 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover 5daf50d5e4 build: Make test suite errors fatal again 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover d4dfad8cff build: Enable failed test case reporting from the TAP::Harness 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover 1f73ec4ecb build: Add new TEST_PREFIX variable to control test case execution paths 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover 34b26c7db2 build: Switch test runner from Test::Harness to TAP::Harness 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover f6bb010cb9 build: Rename to just 10 years ago