Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Guillem Jover cf7f30aeba Dpkg::Vendor::Debian: Improve PIE flags support 6 years ago
  Guillem Jover 1852648603 Dpkg::Vendor::Debian: Handle PIE enabled by default in gcc 6 years ago
  Guillem Jover 9d7ba99cc3 arch: Internally represent architectures as quadruplets 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover 57b2ce9c2d test: Add an initial functional test suite for dpkg-deb and dpkg-split 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover a5e6bbdd8a debian: Remove ancient upgrade code from maintainer scripts 6 years ago
  Guillem Jover 19b2192db8 debian: Remove u-a, dpkg-divert and dpkg-statoverride compat symlinks (again) 6 years ago
  Guillem Jover 97309bef8b data: Move architecture tables to a new data directory 6 years ago
  Guillem Jover 618fdf4242 build: Use two space indentation for shell code 6 years ago
  Guillem Jover d5f3d026b8 t: Add POD coverage support for public perl modules 6 years ago
  Guillem Jover 8a74ef70c0 test: Add new synopsis unit test 7 years ago
  Guillem Jover fdb17ae55a test: Add new minimum perl version unit test 7 years ago
  Guillem Jover 5104e0e0c0 test: Add new pod-spell unit test 7 years ago
  Guillem Jover 55d3a40e1b build: Make git log invocation immune to local configuration 7 years ago
  Guillem Jover 536d46d7f6 test: Add a unit test to compile perl code with warnings 7 years ago
  Guillem Jover c5e8c92639 build: Descend into scripts on coverage-clean rule 7 years ago
  Guillem Jover f02217095b build: Set PERL5LIB globally for the test suite to the local modules directory 7 years ago
  Guillem Jover 8d557d6c8e test: Check perl code compilation, warnings and strictness 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover ace4a0e8f7 test: Rename TAP test directories from test to t 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover 96ff574ed0 build: Rename perl scripts to have a .pl extension 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover a213746672 debian: Reintroduce u-a, dpkg-divert and dpkg-statoverride compat symlinks 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover 9c68ece429 build: Split test_programs and test_scripts out of test_cases 8 years ago
  Guillem Jover f876338135 build: Add project version to the C code coverage report 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover 165921053e build: Stop using a local lcov-prolog template 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover 8dcb3372f4 build: Inject a Perl coverage index entry into the lcov report 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover 54c36750fe build: Enable back lcov branch coverage 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover abf7e757c1 build: Use LCOV_OPTS in all lcov related invocations 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover a1e0856703 build: Add descriptive titles before each coverage section 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover 25774c03fa build: Generate a C code coverage text report on stdout 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover c8ea9114c5 build: Use 'rm -f' instead of implicit GNU make RM variable 9 years ago
  Guillem Jover 47732d7563 test: Remove sequence number prefixes from test case filenames 9 years ago