Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Bradley 62f60c55f0 take out debug logging, and add in some other patches 3 months ago
  Kevin Bradley 01b4d60c7d tracing bugs 4 months ago
  Kevin Bradley c107d7b0e3 change to update sh path 4 months ago
  Kevin Bradley 76460e124c add /fs/jb prefix 4 months ago
  Jaywalker 2aa218273e build changes to work with our new http 5 years ago
  Jaywalker 8ccc7b10ee Added kirb's TLS1.2 patch 5 years ago
  Jaywalker 930007ca22 Lets get those sizes right 5 years ago
  Jaywalker c6faf6faed Reverting to kb's gpgv version for now 5 years ago
  Jaywalker 2363847d26 Fixed last few errors. APT is strict... 5 years ago
  Jaywalker a227e74c6e Missed a semicolon 5 years ago
  Jaywalker 2d71f8c24d Fixed system() using coolstar's patch and added other required patches 5 years ago
  Jaywalker 3bfcf8ca70 Added seemingly missing files 5 years ago
  Jaywalker 8d211461ab Build system changes 5 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) fb97f9603a Don't download "optional" files not in Release :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) c7db7b2f87 For ReMap to work, S has to be marked volatile :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) 35d8bb14e1 Tags should use StoreString, not WriteStringInMap. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) c2fb49ca17 Port TagIterator to correctly support ReMap (doh). 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) f6877b4806 Repeat after me: IMS-Hit is really "I am shit" :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) 88ac08f989 It is NOT OK to just munmap memory from malloc :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) 98639cb8c8 Symlinking final file failed is a common issue :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) f1788cf1c8 This is realloc, not reallocf: be more careful :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) f932bccbf7 Bill is consistent. Bill is correct. Be like Bill. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) 0b23d3c0a7 You can't just assume the start is always zero :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) 89cb5d4dd7 The length given to msync was calculated wrong :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) ca2b6d6dac Not /not/ immediately mapping a file is INSANE :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) baec76f5f0 The entire concept of PendingError() is flawed :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) 9fa247dc9b Bug #807012 also involves package dependencies :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) c65bdf3bf1 On IMS-Hit, you can't assume local compression :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) 5ac0f77c55 It is *never* a good idea to throw away stderr :/. 6 years ago
  Jay Freeman (saurik) d52f68c8d7 It is just so absolutely critical that this works. 6 years ago